GLOG Class: Lo-Fi Paladin

From these inspirations…

ふかひれスープ: I have no idea what lo-fi fantasy is
ふかひれスープ: It makes me think everyone has radios and sony walkmans

ふかひれスープ: knockoff sony walkmans
ふかひれスープ: Walkmen?

(On the OSR Discord.)

… I present a GLOG class in the tradition of Phlox’s GLOG Fighter.

You are a LO-FI PALADIN, a knight-errant of the deep city, a rootless wanderer of steel and song.

Starting gear: Heavy armor, a zweihander, a knockoff walkman, a cassette tape labeled “lofi hip hop beats to smite/relax to”
Skills (1d4): Dance, DIY armorsmithing/audio engineering, unshakeable calm, authenticity

A: Rhythm Combat, Blessed Armor
B: Improv Tech
C: Smite/Relax
D: Legend of the Underground

Rhythm Combat: As long as you’re listening to music that drowns out the chaos of combat, you can attack on both your turn and the enemy’s (if you’re using individual initiative instead of side initiative, roll initiative twice, take a full turn on one initiative count and just an attack on the other).

Blessed Armor: Armor you wear protects you against magic, bad vibes, and economic forces just as effectively as it protects you from physical harm.

Improv Tech: You can build anything you can dream of with a fraction of the materials it should require, but it’ll look like trash and work only slightly better.

Smite/Relax: When fighting someone richer than you, stronger than you, or higher-tech than you, your attacks knock enemies flying in the direction of your choice, and your successful dodges let you change places with your attacker.

Legend of the Underground: You have an amp and speaker, with an aux cord compatible with your knockoff walkman. It’s heavy and you have to set it down to use it, but when you play your theme song on it enemies will recognize it and check morale every round.

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